WOD - 2/8/18


Skill: Row

WOD:  14 min. EMOM

Min. 1: max distance row

Min. 2: 45 sec. plank

Score: total distance on the rower

Post Workout:  Kipping Practice!!

Thoracic mobility + stretch hips and shoulders

Challenge of the Week: Longest plank.

*Post score to whiteboard

2018 CrossFit Open

The 2018 CrossFit Open begins Thursday, February 22nd and goes until Monday, March 26th. Over the five weeks, five different workouts will be released for athletes all over the world to complete. We will be participating in each of the five workouts during regular classes on Fridays. We HIGHLY encourage each of you to sign up for the Open!  EVERYONE is invited to join our community for some fun competition (don't worry, all of the workouts will be scalable) and to see all of the progress you make.  Registration is open! Register here and join the Razorback CrossFit affiliate.