February Member Spotlight

Photos by Dustin Nevill

We are so proud of all of our athletes and the commitment to their goals and their health every day at Foxcroft and Razorback CrossFit. They display determination and hard work and in turn, our athletes are becoming healthier, stronger, quicker, and developing their overall fitness.  This incredible group of athletes in our growing community is devoted to helping each other and themselves become better every day.  As coaches, we feel extremely privileged to have the opportunity to work with so many like-minded, hardworking athletes to achieve their goals.

For our February Member Spotlight, we introduce Jill Hartsfield. Jill began CrossFit in February of 2013 after a dear friend of hers was already hooked. Her friend thought she would just love the community, atmosphere, and the never-ending challenges of a new workout every day.

What your first CrossFit workout was?

"I don’t remember what my first workout was, but I vividly remember thinking I wasn’t going to be able to walk to my car afterwards. Yet that wasn’t the last time I remember having that exact thought after a workout. My dear friend that invited me didn’t quite tell me just how challenging this CrossFit thing was going to be. However, she did know my weakness, I can never say no. Even after all that, she is still one of my best friends!!"

What do you like most about CrossFit?

"I had to take a two year break from CrossFit, and I love how supportive the coaches are now that I am back. They are quick to help modify a workout to my skill level. And the people…it is such a great community. I like that we hold each other accountable for showing up, and we have a good time while we are there."

What is your favorite exercise or workout? 

"Not wallballs!! Probably the rower or any of the squat lifts. Probably anything but wallballs."

What changes have you noticed since you’ve started CrossFit?

"I definitely have more energy, and I’ve noticed I have had more stamina to finish a workout. My flexibility has a long way to go, but I can tell a difference in just the few months I have been back."

What goals have you accomplished and what are your next goals you are working towards?

"Showing up for class was a pretty solid accomplishment for me! My goals…. I really want to improve to core and upper body strength."

How has CrossFit helped you in your everyday life?

"I can really tell a difference in how I handle stress and juggling a busy schedule. If I can work a class in, the rest of my day seems to flow smoother. (That or I am so exhausted by the end of the day, I forget how crazy my day actually was!)

What advice would you give to someone new to CrossFit, or someone who is thinking about joining?

"Oh my gosh, just go. BUT go more than once. You have to give the variety of the workouts a shot. This is the most welcoming community of people that are quick to offer encouragement and remind you that everyone once had their starting point with CrossFit too."