January Member Spotlight

Photos by Dustin Nevill

We are so proud of our athletes at Razorback CrossFit and CrossFit Foxcroft for all of the hard work and determination they put in every day to become the healthiest possible versions of themselves. It is very exciting to see everyone get stronger, quicker, and develop their overall fitness. As our community grows, one part stays the same; we have a phenomenal group of athletes that are committed to not only improving themselves, but also to helping each other become better athletes. We take great pleasure in the opportunity that, we as coaches, are given to work with so many like-minded, hardworking athletes to achieve their goals.

For the January installment of our Member Spotlight, we introduce a “Power Couple”, Juan Carlos and Carolina. They both started CrossFit in September of 2015. Juan Carlos was looking for a structured fitness program that was likable to both of them, and decided on CrossFit after a friend, who had done CrossFit for over a year, told him he was feeling better than when he was 25 years old. He then convinced Carolina to join and they both liked it a lot.

Do you remember what your first CrossFit workout was?

Juan Carlos (JC): I do not recall the entire workout but I remember having dumbbell thrusters in it. I remember coach Chris telling me “start with light weight (20 lbs)”… after a couple of reps, I got the 15 lbs dumbbells and thought, “Well, there is a lot of room for improvement.”

Carolina (C): It was one of the Saturday morning classes with a lot of cardio exercises and a lot of planks. I really enjoyed it.

What do you like most about CrossFit?

JC: It is a high intensity fitness program that incorporates functional exercises from different sports that will bring you to a level never imagined before.

C: It is very comprehensive and improves your fitness by strengthening different aspects (including cardio, strength, agility and flexibility).

What is your favorite exercise or workout? 

JC: Anything that incorporates cardio exercises. Also, I like burpees and thrusters.

C: I also prefer the cardio exercises, including running/rowing/burpees and box jumps.

What changes have you noticed since you’ve started CrossFit?

JC: I am stronger and more flexible, and have more stamina and endurance. It really helped me for other sports like tennis or soccer.

C: My fitness level, strength and endurance have improved greatly which helps me a lot to perform better also in other sports (Tennis and running).

What goals have you accomplished and what are your next goals you are working towards?

JC: After a year I am able to do handstand push-ups and double-unders. Goals: butterfly pull-ups, muscle-ups, handstand walking, … lots of room for improvement.

C: There is much room for improvement… Handstand, 30inch box jumps and unbroken double unders are definitively on the list.

How has CrossFit helped you in your everyday life?

JC: I do not feel so tired, so I am in a better mood the whole day, and able to perform better at work. Our kids are getting bigger and heavier, so getting stronger helps to carry them around.

C: My endurance and posture have much improved. I would sometimes get back pain from too much sitting/standing or a wrong movement at work or at home. That has completely resolved.

What advice would you give to someone new to CrossFit, or someone who is thinking about joining?

JC: Just do it! You will not regret it. Best advises would be: 1) think about correct form before trying to move heavy weights; 2) do not confuse soreness and pain, because if you feel sore, you can still exercise, but if you are in pain, it is better to avoid painful movements.

C: CrossFit is for everybody, no matter what your current fitness level is. Just go at your own pace. The coaches are great and guide you through the workout, so that you don’t overdo it, but still are pushed to your limits. The group workouts are very motivating and if you are consistent, you will improve rapidly.