December Member Spotlight

Photos by Dustin Nevill

We are so proud of all of our athletes and the commitment to their goals and their health every day at Foxcroft and Razorback CrossFit. They display determination and hard work, and in turn, our athletes are becoming healthier, stronger, quicker, and developing their overall fitness.  This incredible group of athletes in our growing community is devoted to helping each other and themselves become better every day.  As coaches, we feel extremely privileged to have the opportunity to work with so many like-minded, hardworking athletes to achieve their goals.

For our December installment of our Member Spotlight, we introduce Ryan Mahoney. Ryan  started CrossFit for a change of pace. He was tired of doing the standard cardio and weight workouts and just needed a spark.

Do you remember what your first CrossFit workout was?

"I don’t remember the specific workout but I do remember it included burpees and rowing, both of which made the workout very challenging. I remember thinking after the workout that I had lots of work to do in order to get into the shape needed to keep up in the class."

What do you like most about CrossFit?

"I like the fact that it’s always different and you get out what you put in. Not only do the coaches push you, but you have to learn to push yourself and the older we get the harder it is, so that aspect keeps it challenging."

What is your favorite exercise or workout? 

"Fight Gone Bad is definitely my favorite workout. In workouts like this, the weight you are moving doesn’t matter. You can lift 10lbs or 150lbs and just the cardio aspect and the high intensity is going to give you a great workout."

What changes have you noticed since you’ve started CrossFit?

"My ability to complete intense workouts in a short period of time has definitely increased and that was a goal of mine when going in so it’s giving me what I asked."

What goals have you accomplished and what are your next goals you are working towards?

"My main goal was just to spice up my workouts, meet new people, and learn a different perspective on working out. The people I have met are awesome and we all push each other regardless of fitness level and have a good time. When working out is fun, and you enjoy the people, it makes it easy to attend regularly!"

How has CrossFit helped you in your everyday life?

"I like the fact that my wife participates occasionally and that makes it fun. I enjoy working out with her and us pushing each other. I also feel I am getting the most out of the time spent at the gym. With two kids we both need to maximize our time in the gym and get the most bang for our buck and CrossFit has helped us accomplish that goal."

What advice would you give to someone new to CrossFit, or someone who is thinking about joining?

"I would say go for it. Lots are scared of CrossFit because of what they hear or what they have witnessed, but I assure you these workouts will surprise you and give you a different perspective. No one I have encountered are here to push you to compete or put you in an uncomfortable situation. From beginner to expert, everyone who attends supports and pushes one another within their respective fitness level and everyone uses good safe judgment on what a person can achieve. The coaches are excellent and will take time aside to make sure you are executing the workouts in a safe manner. Best of all, the pace of one does not impede the rest of the class."