June Member Spotlight

Photos by Dustin Nevill

At Razorback and Foxcroft CrossFit we are given the privilege of coaching an amazing group of athletes.  We find pride in being alongside an athlete to coach and encourage them from the time they join CrossFit to each accomplishment they achieve, whether it be in the gym or not.  We strive to deliver a program that provides a route for our athletes to succeed and it shows when an athlete puts in 110% every training session to ensure they are hitting their goals.

For the June installment of our Member Spotlight, we introduce Alan Bagley. Alan started CrossFit on March 30th this year. He had been running and was looking for a change. CrossFit seemed like a challenge and he had met several people who were very enthusiastic about their CrossFit training, so he gave it a shot.

Do you remember what your first CrossFit workout was? 
"My first workout (I took a picture so I would remember) was front squats for strength and the WOD included a partner AMRAP of 3 cleans, 6 ring dips, and 9 box jumps.  After it, I remember feeling very sore!  Everyone was supportive, though, and assured me if I kept at it that would get better."

What do you like most about CrossFit?
"I really like group exercise that includes a way to work individually.  CrossFit is really relational-with coaches and students alike.  Everyone really encourages each other and hopes we can all do our best, and on hard days, finish the workout!  It also has coaching that can be directed toward the group or the individual, and I like the instructional aspects, allowing me to grow at my own pace and scale workouts to my current level."

What is your favorite exercise or workout? 
"I really like double unders, not sure why!"

What changes have you noticed since you've started CrossFit?
"Since starting, I feel stronger, and the biggest change is that I look forward to making it to a 5:30 am class!"

What goals have you accomplished and what are your next goals you are working towards?
"My initial goals were to complete all the workouts, even if that meant scaling them or taking a little bit longer.  Future goals are improving pull-ups."

How has CrossFit helped you in your everyday life?
"I am proud to show my 6 year old daughter how hard work pays off, and I enjoy getting a workout in to start the day before work as a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist."

What advice would you give to someone new to CrossFit, or someone who is thinking about joining?
"Commit to a month and you won't want to stop!"