WOD - 7/17/15


Skill: Swimming

Strength: Tabata of L-Hang and Hollow Hold (8 Rounds: 20 sec. work: 10 sec. rest)

WOD:   Partner Swim WOD

  • 1K Swim

*One person swims while the other rests.

Post Workout:  3 Rounds

  • Hip mobility
  • 60 sec. Plank

Challenge of the Week: Farthest handstand walk.

*Post score to whiteboard

Pull-up Program

Day 3:  

·      3x Best pull-up attempt (If you have strict pull-ups already, go for max strict pull-ups while maintaining a good hollow body.)

·      3x max L-hang (Aim for longer than last Friday and rest 60-90 seconds between sets. Your body should remain in a hollow position while hanging.)

·      3x4 Negative Pull-ups

·      3x10 Band 90/90

SWIM WODs are on Fridays! Please come dressed in swim attire and bring goggles. We will go over swimming efficiency tips on Friday and how to be successful during the swim workouts!