Nutrition Challenge Wrap Up

Razorback-Foxcroft-DAC CrossFit 

Nutrition Challenge

Thank you and congratulations to all of the 22 athletes at Razorback, Foxcroft, and DAC CrossFit that took part in the Nutrition Challenge!  The 6 weeks of carefully planned meals, workouts, tracking, and commitment to better health led to many impressive accomplishments that we are incredibly proud of (and you all should be too!). Not only did we see drastic changes in the way you all eat, but we saw notable improvements in your training performance, energy levels, body composition, and your overall approach to nutrition for better health. As a group, we lost 66.52% body fat (or around 4% per person), 64.5 inches lost (measurements were taken at the bicep, quadricep, hip, waist, and chest), an average improvement of about 55 seconds on a 1 mile run, and nearly a 2 minute improvement on the Baseline WOD!! (The Baseline WOD was a 1 mile run, 50 sit-ups, 40 squats, 30 push-ups, 20 pull-ups, and 10 burpees.) 

The top finishers of the challenge were determined by a point system that was based off of compliance to the set nutritional guidelines.  The overall top finisher of the Nutrition Challenge was Eric Shaw! Eric greets nearly every 5:30 a.m. class with a big smile and a "Good Morning Sunshine!". He is always ready to put in work and cheer everyone else on.  Eric followed the guidelines 100% (he did not get a single point deduction!), and his results showed it. As a result of his strong determination and commitment, Eric saw remarkable improvements in all of his post-assessment measurements (inches lost and reduced body fat composition), and a faster performance on the Baseline WOD. For someone that isn't a "fan" of running, he knocked 2 FULL MINUTES off of his 1 mile time and nearly 3 minutes off of his total Baseline WOD time! 

The runner-up male and female for the challenge was Dave Buhajla and Emily Hartman. Emily's results demonstrated her unwavering motivation and drive. Not only did she have huge body composition and training improvements, but she just crushed the Little Rock Marathon! Dave also had big physical changes and knocked off almost a full minute on his Baseline WOD! Dave and his wife, Marci, proved to be a very powerful combination in the Nutrition Challenge by tackling it together to make their's and their children's health a top priority! In recognition for their outstanding achievements, the top finishers received a gift card, a new CrossFit shirt, a JUNK headband, and most importantly, huge PR's in their fitness and overall health!

Join us in congratulating Eric, Emily, Dave, and everyone else that completed the Nutrition Challenge for taking such great strides in improving their health and performance!