November Member Spotlight

Photos by Dustin Nevill

Our athletes at Razorback and Foxcroft CrossFit are consistently reaching their goals of getting stronger, faster, and developing their overall fitness. This phenomenal group of athletes are committed to not only improving themselves, but also to helping each other improve. We take great pleasure in the opportunity that we as coaches are given to work with so many like-minded, hardworking athletes to achieve their goals.

For the November installment of our Member Spotlight, we introduce a “Power Couple”, Marci and David Buhajla. Dave started Fundamentals classes 2 years ago and transitioned into regular classes and Marci began just over a year ago on the Friday after Thanksgiving of 2014. They are both so fun to be around and they are an integral part of our community! 

Why did you start CrossFit? 

Marci: "I was working out on machines and taking group exercise classes prior to CrossFit, and I felt I was not reaching my full potential."  

Dave: "I started because I was broken. I had a big gut, a broken elbow, a bad back, an inability to pick up my children or touch my toes, a lack of respiratory function from recently quitting smoking after 20 years of 2 packs a day, and a major case of the blues. I couldn't walk up my stairs without feeling like I was about to die. That, and my best friend had died from a heart attack at the age of 34. He ate himself to death, which reminded me of my mortality. This all had to stop." 

Do you remember what your first CrossFit workout was?  

Marci: "My first workout was the Filthy Fifty.  I was humbled by how difficult it was to do simple body weight movement."

Dave: "It was with Paul Fajer. We were mixing CrossFit with martial arts. It was something like 200 punches/run a lap/ 50 kicks/ run a lap, etc. I was sore for a week."

What do you like most about CrossFit? 

Dave: " I love the people there. I love the community. I didn't know I needed that, but I did. I have found true friends at the box. And not just there, but at the club as a whole, as well."

Marci: "The community of CrossFit is paramount for me.  I have made great friends that take health and fitness as serious as I do."  

What is your favorite exercise or workout? 

Dave: "I like the yoga. I can plank for days. And anything that destroys my abs, like toes to bar and V-ups."

Marci: "My favorite exercises are strength based, so I love deadlifts and back squats.  I enjoy lifting heavy weights because it makes me feel strong." 

What changes have you noticed since you’ve started CrossFit?  

Marci: "I have changed the most mentally. Prior to CrossFit, I would mentally psych myself out of working to my full potential.  But since joining, I have strived to beat my previous time, or increase the weight on a given workout."

Dave: "I can touch my toes and pick up my children. All everyday chores are easier. At the age of 38, I am in the best shape of my life."

What goals have you accomplished and what are your next goals you are working towards? 

Marci: "I am getting better at banded pull-ups.  When I started, I could not get my chin above the bar. I have graduated from the dark purple band to black band, and I look forward to moving to the green band soon.  Another goal, I am proud of is deadlifting 240lbs for my one rep max."

Dave: "My proudest accomplishments are getting my wifey to join CrossFit and getting a 325 pound deadlift. My next goal is trying to work around my recent osteoarthritis diagnosis. No arthritis is going to stop me."  

How has CrossFit helped you in your everyday life? 

Dave: "Just being able to run and chase my kids and play with them is the greatest gift. And I have more confidence then I have ever had."

Marci: "I feel I am a better parent because of CrossFit.  I am now a role model for my kids because they see me go to the gym and CrossFit at least 5 days a week. Furthermore, I am a better spouse because I CrossFit with my husband Dave and this helps strengthen our relationship even more."

What advice would you give to someone new to CrossFit, or someone who is thinking about joining? 

Dave: "If a broken old ex-musician/karate fighter/smoker/drinker can join and get into shape, then anyone can do it."

Marci: "CrossFit is for everyone. It is more dangerous to sit at a computer all day than it is to start participating in CrossFit.  Your muscles will hurt, but you will recover from that hurt.  Ultimately, if you put in the work and complement that work with proper nutrition, you will see, but more importantly feel the results."