Member Spotlight

October Member Spotlight

Our athletes at CrossFit Foxcroft, Razorback, DAC, and 501 CrossFit are consistently getting stronger, faster, and developing their overall fitness.  As our community grows, one part stays the same; we have a phenomenal group of athletes that are committed to not only improving themselves, but also to helping each other improve.  We take great pleasure in the opportunity that we as coaches are given to work with so many like-minded, hardworking athletes to achieve their goals.

For the October installment of our Member Spotlight, we introduce a “Power Couple”, Susan and Stuart Jones.  Stuart is one of CrossFit Foxcroft’s original members and Susan took it up in April, on their anniversary.  They are both so fun to be around and they are an integral part of our community.

Why did you decide to start CrossFit?

Stuart: “Probably like a lot of other people; I was tired of trying to figure out what to do when I went to the gym.  I wasn’t really getting an effective workout and needed something organized. CrossFit for me has been very convenient; the workouts are already laid out for you.”

Susan: “I did because you [Stuart] recruited me!  At first, I was very intimidated, but I really like it a whole lot now.”

Were you following a different exercise routine prior to starting CrossFit?

Stuart: “Yeah, I lifted weights in the past, but nothing like what we do on a regular basis in class.  I would lift weights like shoulder and bench press, but I didn’t ever feel like how I do after weightlifting in class.”

Susan: “I play tennis, but I’ve never done any weightlifting, until I started CrossFit, and I really like it and know I need it too.”

What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit workout?

Stuart: “My first workout involved a medball run, squats, and sit-ups; I don’t remember the rep scheme but it was on a Saturday and it was tough.” 

Susan: “I can’t remember the exact workout, but there were wallballs...  I do remember that I tripped, and I just thought, “Oh my, he [Coach Michael] isn’t even going to let me come back!”

What do you like most about CrossFit?

Susan: “I love the stretching and mobility work in the warmup and after the workout.  I like how in CrossFit we have other members and coaches that will help you finish.  That really surprised me on one of my first workouts when we were running; I saw Coach Michael and Paisley coming towards me cheering me on and pushing me to finish strong.  That is so cool!”  

Stuart: “The intensity level; I can’t duplicate that kind of intensity on my own.  The challenge of every workout really hooked me into it. Looking from where you start and how you can build; every week there’s going to be another challenge with the Olympic lifting.  You think, “There is no way I can lift 100 pounds,” and before you know it, you surpass that.”

What is your favorite exercise or workout?

Stuart: “The Olympic weightlifting was intriguing to me; just learning the lifts was fun to see where it would take me.  I really enjoy those lifts; they are highly technical and kind of goofy sometimes, but I feel a lot better afterwards. I like pull-ups too.”

Susan: “Well, when I think about it, I don’t enjoy any of it while I am doing it, but I really do like mostly everything!  I like planks, but my favorite exercise is good mornings.”

What changes have you noticed since you began CrossFit?

Stuart: “I have noticed a couple of belt sizes; I hadn’t really lost any weight, but I am leaner. I used to have regular back pain for a long time and was really stiff, but it is pretty much gone now.  Everyone [outside of CrossFit] “warns” you in the beginning about hurting yourself, but it has really helped my back and everything else.”

Susan: “I have built some muscle that I don’t think I’ve ever had.  I just feel so much better now than I did before I started CrossFit.  My back used to bother me, but it doesn’t hurt anymore; it’s great. And, I have noticed big changes in Stuart-especially his upper body.  His arms are really cut!”

Do you feel like you have learned anything new about yourself or each other?

Susan: “He carries my bar for me; he is so polite, but I knew that.  It will be 20 years in April that we’ve been married and we were together for 7 years before that!  We always have fun though; I feel like we have our best talks when we go walking and exercise. We talk about CrossFit a lot too; we will ask if the other has seen it [the next day’s WOD], even though sometimes we might not want to know.”

Stuart: “We would never [before] get up for class at 5:30 in the morning, so it has been good for us.  It is really motivating that both of us are doing this together and can help encourage each other and get into new routines.”

How do you REALLY feel about the Foxcroft Mile?

Stuart: “Oh, well you start out on a steep downhill and it feels like it is all uphill the whole way back!  And, of course, you don’t just do it once… You start with it, then do other high intensity work, and you do it at least once again; it’s a killer.  My heart rate is so high after that uphill that I just feel like I have to take a break after it!  It is probably one of the most challenging mile runs that I have ever done.”

Susan: “Well, we did it on July 4th, and Memorial Day; really all the time!  Yeah, it’s crazy!

You both play tennis at the Club; do you think it has helped your game at all?

Susan:  “My knees used to hurt in tennis, but they don’t anymore.  I feel much better when I play now.  It has helped; I feel a lot stronger!”

Stuart:  “Well, I spend more time doing CrossFit than playing tennis now; I really like CrossFit.  I do feel better when I play, though, and I my agility and quickness has improved.”