WOD - 10/14/14


Skill:  Snatch

Strength:  Snatch – 100%+ Find your 1RM

WOD:  Partner WOD

For Time and Reps

  • 500m Row – max Deadlifts (135/75)

*Partner 1 rows 500m while partner 2 does max rep deadlifts, and then they switch.  Rower must hit 500m before switching and deadlifts may not begin until rower starts.

Post Workout:  3 Rounds

  • 60 sec. Plank
  • Foam roll/mash lats, hip flexors, thoracic extension.

Challenge of the Week:  Max strict pull-ups in 3 min.

*Post score to whiteboard

Battle of the Clubs: Partner Bash is next Saturday, Oct. 25th at the Little Rock Racquet Club!!

The two man or two woman teams will compete in 3 WODs for the fittest title of Little Rock. If you are interested in volunteering as a judge or scorekeeper, please contact us!
Check-in is at 9:00am and the first WOD begins at 10:00am
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