WOD - 10/31/13

Thursday - Happy Halloween!

We will be starting a 4 week strength cycle next week. We want to encourage you to come in and get your 1 Rep Max squat and push press this Saturday at RAZORBACK CROSSFIT! 

Skill: Snatch

Strength: Snatch 3 x 5 ( or establish 1 RM)

WOD:  Partner WOD – For time

400 M Relay

  • 100 Back Squats (135/95 lb)– Pull-up Hold while the other partner is squatting
  • 200 Push-ups – Hollow Rock Hold while the other partner is doing Push-ups

400 M Reley

* If one partner stops to rest the other cannot continue to work. Divide the reps how ever you like. Do not move to push-ups before you complete the squats. 

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween